Pi Shield for Raspberry Pi – Layout: First Try

This project went dormant for a while, but we are getting back into it and make good progress. Here is a screenshot of our first attempt routing the PCB using new tools. There are some areas to clean up, but considering how long this took us the first time we tried manually, Ki CAD’s auto-routing […]

Nine Stars Automatic Trash Can Lid Stuck… Fixed!

I purchased a Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Touchless Trash Can about 3 months ago. The automatic lid was working fine until this morning. The lid was opening very slowly, as though the batteries were dead. After replacing the batteries, the lid would no longer open. When I waved my hand across the sensor, the lights would […]

Mame UI Now Available

We have a new project! Mame UI. A very simple front-end for the MAME emulator. It loads the output from MAME and allows you to search through the games. Clone our project: git clone https://github.com/IdleEngineers/MameUI.git

Book Review: Linux Kernel Development

For the past few months this was my view as I sat down on my couch to enjoy a cup of coffee, some toast, and little bit of Linux. As I mentioned on a Google+ post it was “a balanced breakfast.” A while ago I dove head first into Linux by installing the Gentoo Linux […]

Codename: Event Horizon

I’ve always been into music, be it playing music or listening to music.  However, recently, I’ve started creating music with the music production software known as Reason and the Akai MPK61 MIDI keyboard controller.  I only have three completed songs right now, with one of them being a transition piece, but I also have several […]

Git: merging multiple commits into a single patch for master

If you haven’t heard, Git is pretty much the new kid on the block in terms of version control systems. I’m still a bit new to Git myself, but I am already discovering its immense power. Now that I’m a little more familiar with branching and merging with Git, I’d like to share how these […]

Book Review: The Lean Startup

I just finished this book. Great read! Eric Ries offers a compelling argument for working smarter and more efficiently in our rapidly changing world. Eric points out in his book that businesses have refined the process of finding the most efficient way to get from point A to point Z, but that we often forget […]