A Summary of the Evening

I do apologize for the tardiness of this post. As much as I wanted to share this the following day, I had to wake up at 6 am for a business trip and when I arrived home on Wednesday, the house was in such a state of disarray that my wife would have been less than happy if not immediately attended to. […]

Geek Talk with Justine Aylmer

Sometimes we get so engrossed in our conversations we don’t even realize that someone is filming us… This is sure to be the beginning of a regular series by the talented and surreptitious Justine.

Spooky Doorstep Photos

I have now added the full set of photos from this project. Enjoy! So, per popular demand I am posting a few photos. Hopefully these will hold you over until we have a chance to post about our project in full.

Technical Difficulties

WordPress, in combination with the free theme we are using, is making it very difficult to properly host pretty URLs with LigHTTPd. Just a heads up that we will be working on this until it is resolved, so please don’t bookmark any permalinks that don’t start with /index.php just yet. Thanks, and sorry for the […]

Welcome To Idle Engineers

As I sat down to write this introductory post, I turned to Aaron and said “Alright Aaron, It’s time to be witty.” Without missing a beat, he replied “Well, turn on the witty filter. And write something good for once!” So it is with those words of encouragement we bring you Idle Engineers, a place […]