Donate Equipment

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    Thank You!

    First things first, thank you for your interest in donating equipment! Your donations go a long way in supporting our mission.

    How Your Donation Helps

    For many years, we've upclycled old computers, monitors, phones, servers, etc. We take old equipment (often left over from a recent upgrade) and refurbish it for re-use. Here are a few examples of donated equipment getting put to good use:

    • Old laptops are cleaned; given a fresh battery; installed with the latest Linux; and given to someone in need of a laptop.
    • Spare computer components are combined to create functional workstations, shared with those in need of a computer.
    • Discarded server components are used to upgrade existing servers or expand our public hosting capacity. Our first Zabbix server was built using donated equipment and was a huge help in monitoring our public facing servers!

    What We're Looking For

    We're happy to receive most any kind of hardware donation; please use the form to let us know what you have. Here are some examples of particular interest:

    • Computers, laptops, monitors, peripherals, etc.
    • Discrete components, ICs, wires (resistors, capacitors, power regulators, MOSFETs, sensors, motors, etc); as long as it's labeled so we can look up documentation.
    • Bench-top equipment and other tools; after all, we are an engineering company and can always find use for an oscilloscope, power supply, function generator, etc.