Codename: Event Horizon

I’ve always been into music, be it playing music or listening to music.  However, recently, I’ve started creating music with the music production software known as Reason and the Akai MPK61 MIDI keyboard controller.  I only have three completed songs right now, with one of them being a transition piece, but I also have several others in the works.  I’m trying to get some feedback right now about the songs.  They are all electronic pieces made with the on-board synthesizers native to Reason.


I have around eight songs started so far.  One might be scrapped, and another is VERY minimal right now, but I’m hoping to put an EP together sometime in the future, so here’s the preliminary cover art for it:

Here are some of the songs further along in progression; let me know what you think:


Air (Transistion)

Global (v.2)

Song 5 (Working)

Song 6 (Working)

Song 8 (Working)



Some progress has been made on several songs, and I’ve created a new piece of cover art.  Check out my soundcloud page for an updated set of songs:

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