Home Ownership: Introduction

This is going to be a mini-series within Idle Engineers discussing projects around the house that home owners face.

Why is this topic on a site about engineering projects?

Well, my wife and I have just bought our first house and there are many things that need repaired or replaced – or just flat out to be improved. Being that I am an engineer, I have this constant urge (for better or worse) to make things better than they currently are. I do this to the best of my ability, usually by doing research on the topic. If I find a 3-inch hole in the wall, I don’t just by the bigger tub of spackle. I will buy a piece of drywall, and patch it the right way.

Over the last couple of weeks of home ownership, we have had several of the normal experiences: basics of cleaning the house, checking the sprinkler system, fixing up the lawn – the boring stuff. Though, in this short time, we have also run into several unexpected problems: discovered a major water leak in our main line next to the house, replaced a leaking garbage disposal, a garage door that wasn’t working… the kinds of things that give new home owners a reality kick in the groin (slap is just too overused!).

I have decided to start documenting the challenges we face and how we will overcome them. The hope is to show other homeowners, new and old, how to tackle problems that come with owning a house. These projects will range from the basics, like sprinkler system fixes, painting, filling holes, and so on… To the advanced projects, like fixing wiring, remodeling a brick fireplace, remodeling a master bathroom, professional grade network installation, and (wife permitting) automated home theater systems!

Stay tuned, I’m feeling the need to fix something! ;)



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