Low Lying Fog Generator

Today Dale, David, Aaron and I got the our fog chiller working.

Last year we simply had a fog machine that was triggered by our control system. We didn’t do any conditioning of the fog to affect its behavior. This year, we have constructed a fog chiller that will decrease the temperature of the fog from 200+ degrees Fahrenheit to well below 100 degrees. By reducing the temperature this much, we are able to have the fog stay rolling around on the ground, rather then uniformly filling some area.

To achieve this we used:

  • 32 Gallon trash can
  • 4 inch flexible ducting
  • 6 inch flexible ducting
  • 1000W fog machine
  • 21 lbs of ice
  • 8 lbs of dry ice

During testing, the fog didn’t say as close to the ground as we would have liked, but we only filled the trash can half full of ice/dry ice. Also, we are going to add a second fog machine to the system and alternate the output of each to get a more steady stream of fog.

In all, it a successful day! We accomplished what we had set out to do and have all of tomorrow to refine the system and start on a new portion of this project.

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