First Vibration Sensor Prototype!

We just finished etching the first prototype. This time, our exposure was a bit fuzzy and we didn’t etch long enough. A bit disappointing after our beginner’s luck with the H-bridge prototype… but we’ll get better!

Pi Shield for Raspberry Pi — 2?

Today’s announcement about the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is quite exciting! While we’re still testing version 1.1.0 of the Pi Shield PCB, we’ll also be confirming compatibility with the latest variant of the Raspberry Pi. Preliminarily, everything looks good and the Pi Shield should be 100% compatible. If you haven’t heard about the […]

Pi Shield for Raspberry Pi — Pre-Beta Boards Ordered

We’ve decided to order a small batch of 15 pre-beta v1.1.0 boards, which we will assemble by hand and use for the beta documentation sprint. This will allow us to validate the board redesign before spending thousands of dollars on a beta prototype batch that comes assembled. The boards should be here within two weeks, […]

Pi Shield for Raspberry Pi — Pricing Information

Some of you have asked about the high price for the beta boards, and we wanted to clarify: The beta boards are a small production batch, so the per-board cost is much higher. We’re still targeting less than $15 for the final production version. If you get in on the beta, you’d be helping support […]

Pi Shield for Raspberry Pi — Beta Open for Pre-Orders!

We’re close to having Pi Shield for Raspberry Pi beta boards manufactured, so we are now accepting a limited number of pre-orders. To celebrate the project’s success so far, we’ve discounted the initial pre-orders by $40! Head over to the product page or use the convenient add to cart button below: [add_to_cart sku=”TN042-00071″]

Pi Shield for Raspberry Pi — and Others, Like ODROID C1!

Low-cost single-board computers are steadily gaining in popularity. While the Pi Shield was originally conceived in the era of (and targetted at) the very first Raspberry Pi revision, we’ve worked hard to keep compatibility with other SBCs as we revise the design. So far, we’re compatible with every Raspberry Pi model and revision, and even […]

Technical Difficulties

WordPress, in combination with the free theme we are using, is making it very difficult to properly host pretty URLs with LigHTTPd. Just a heads up that we will be working on this until it is resolved, so please don’t bookmark any permalinks that don’t start with /index.php just yet. Thanks, and sorry for the […]