Pi Shield for Raspberry Pi — and Others, Like ODROID C1!

Low-cost single-board computers are steadily gaining in popularity. While the Pi Shield was originally conceived in the era of (and targetted at) the very first Raspberry Pi revision, we’ve worked hard to keep compatibility with other SBCs as we revise the design. So far, we’re compatible with every Raspberry Pi model and revision, and even some non Raspberry Pis…

odroidc1A compelling competitor to the Raspberry Pi has arrived – the ODROID C1 from Hardkernel. Featuring a completely open design (no binary blobs for video support, and fully open processor data sheets), and true USB host capabilities, and impressive specifications:

  • True gigabit Ethernet (not a USB peripheral)
  • 1.5GHz quad-core ARMv6 CPU
  • 1GiB RAM
  • eMMC (much faster than micro SD)

(This is not a complete list. Please check out the ODROID product page for more information.)

As of today, with a preliminary spec sheet examination, we believe the Pi Shield to be 100% compatible with the ODROID C1. We’ll keep the documentation updated as compatibility testing progresses.

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